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Posted On: 08 March 2019

MSG91 is a popular text message platform and it's free for startup companies so you don't have to pay for it. Through MSG91 your text message instantly reaches thousands of people anywhere in India. It is a really very supportive platform for startup companies and they are providing us with great services. In this era, its all about the customer and their experiences. The competition is unlimited, product and price criteria are not working much, customer experience is the leading brand differentiator. The customer openly shares their review about their experiences on every platform these days and as a startup, we need to provide prompt and reliable services to our customers. You cannot offer great experience without meaningful communication.Every contact you have with a customer is an influencer. When a customer comes up with a query, they want an immediate response, there is no scope for delay. If you don’t respond in a timely manner you are risking to lose a customer and thus providing a lead to your competitor. We are providing food delivery in trains across all over India and with the help of MSG91, we can do our work more efficiently. As train halt time is just 2-3 minutes and the easiest and most convenient way of communicating is via an SMS only. In our process about 3- 4 messages are required to send the information in a timely manner such as when order placed we have to send an order confirmation message to passenger and delivery vendor and then we send the dispatch message. And thankfully we are able to send our complete information through a message to passengers and other parties on time via MSG91.


Here’s what you would get in the free version of the Orion SMS OTP Verification:

Free Version:
  • Send OTP SMS to verify users at the time of registration on the below plugins:
  • Contact Form 7
  • User Registration – User Profile, Membership and more
  • Ultimate Member
  • Profile Builder – User registration and user profile
  • Profile Press
  • RegistrationMagic

Here’s what you would get in the free versions of WP SMS:

Free Version:
  • Supports multiple SMS gateways including MSG91.
  • Send SMS to owners (admins) upon receiving new orders.
  • Notifies if the delivery contact number is different from billing contact number.
  • Send automated SMS to the users and admins.
  • Send customizable SMS with a large number of variables available for personalization.
  • Add customized variables.
  • Send timed SMS for on-hold orders.
  • Upon setup it is fully automated.
  • Compatible with WPML
  • Get support from WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro plugin.

Official Website of MSG91 :

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