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Online Food Order in Train at Chhapra Junction Railway Station


Traveling by train can be an exciting experience, but when hunger strikes during the journey, it can quickly turn into a hassle. Thankfully, Gofoodieonline is here to provide a seamless online food ordering service at Chhapra Junction Railway Station. With our commitment to delivering delicious and hygienic meals right to your seat, you can now enjoy a satisfying dining experience while traveling. Say goodbye to the days of settling for mediocre train food and embrace the convenience of Gofoodieonline food delivery in train services. We also provide e-catering services in association with IRCTC. If you are planning a journey and want to pre-book your meals, Gofoodieonline is here to assist you. Simply visit our website or app, select your train and date of travel, and choose from our wide range of meal options. Your meals will be delivered to you at your desired station, ensuring that you have a seamless and convenient experience.


At Gofoodieonline, we prioritize food safety and hygiene. All our partner restaurants and vendors strictly adhere to the highest standards of food preparation and packaging. We understand the importance of maintaining the freshness and taste of your food, especially during long train journeys. Our dedicated team ensures that your food is prepared with the utmost care and delivered in hygienic packaging so you can enjoy your meal without any worries.


Here are some famous foods you might find in Chhapra Junction Railway Station:


Litti Chokha: Litti Chokha is one of the most iconic dishes of Bihar. Litti are round wheat flour balls stuffed with roasted gram flour and spices, often served with chokha, a mixture of mashed vegetables like roasted eggplant, tomato, and potato. It's a wholesome and flavorful dish.


Sattu: Sattu is roasted gram flour and a staple ingredient in Bihari cuisine. It's used to make a variety of dishes like sattuparatha (flatbread), sattu drink (sattu mixed with water and spices), and sattu-based sweets.


Bihari Thali: In Chhapra, you can find traditional Bihari thali meals that include a variety of dishes like rice, lentils, vegetables, and curries. The flavors are often simple but hearty.


Thekua: Thekua is a popular Bihari sweet snack made from wheat flour, jaggery, and ghee. The dough is shaped into intricate designs and then deep-fried to create a crunchy and sweet treat.


Dal Puri: Dal Puri is a deep-fried bread stuffed with a spiced lentil mixture. It's a popular breakfast item and is also enjoyed as a snack.


Makhana Kheer: Makhana (foxnuts) kheer is a creamy dessert made with makhana, milk, sugar, and cardamom. It's a beloved sweet dish in Chhapra.


Chana Ghugni: Ghugni is a curry made from black or white chickpeas, often spiced with a mixture of local spices and served with bread or rice.


Fish Curry: Being close to the Ganges River, Chhapra is known for its fish dishes. Fish curry, often prepared with mustard oil and traditional spices, is a popular choice among locals.


Ghughni Chaat: Ghughni is also used to make a delicious and tangy chaat. The cooked chickpeas are mixed with spices, tamarind chutney, and garnished with chopped onions, cilantro, and sev (crispy noodles).


Mutton Curry: Non-vegetarian dishes like mutton curry, prepared with local spices and ingredients, are enjoyed by those who relish meat.


Peda: Peda is a sweet made from condensed milk and sugar, often flavored with cardamom and garnished with nuts.


Next time you find yourself at Chhapra Junction Railway Station, don't settle for mediocre train food. Indulge in a delightful culinary experience with Gofoodieonline. With our easy ordering process, timely delivery, group food in train, and a wide range of delicious options, jain food in train we are here to make your train journey a memorable one. Say goodbye to tasteless meals on wheels and say hello to a flavorful dining experience with Gofoodieonline. You can order online food in train on whatsapp and enjoy your journey.

Food Delivery in Train at Chhapra Station

With Gofoodieonline, ordering delicious and hygienic meals in the train has become easier than ever! Whether you're traveling alone or with family, our hassle-free online food ordering service ensures that you never have to compromise on taste or quality during your journey from Chhapra Junction Railway Station. We will walk you through the process of ordering food in train at Chhapra Junction Railway Station using Gofoodieonline.

Visit the Gofoodieonline website

To begin your culinary journey with Gofoodieonline, simply visit our website and explore our menu. Our user-friendly interface allows you to easily browse through the wide variety of food options available, ranging from local delicacies to international cuisines. You can also check out the best food offers in train and choose the one that suits your taste buds and budget.

Select your train and station

Once you have decided on your preferred meal, check pnr status , enter the details of your train and station. This will help us ensure that your food is delivered right on time, so you can enjoy a hassle-free dining experience during your train journey. Rest assured, Gofoodieonline understands the importance of punctuality and our delivery partners strive to deliver your meal promptly.

Place your order on WhatsApp

At Gofoodieonline, we believe in convenience. To make the ordering process even simpler, we offer the option to place your order on WhatsApp at Chhapra Railway Station . Simply save our WhatsApp number and send us a message with your train and station details, along with your desired meal. Our dedicated team will promptly confirm your order and provide you with the necessary information regarding payment and delivery.

Sit back and relax

Once you have successfully placed your order, all that's left to do is sit back, relax, and wait for your delicious meal to arrive. Our team will ensure that your food is prepared with utmost care and delivered to you at the Chhapra Junction Railway Station right on time. We understand the importance of quality and hygiene, which is why all the meals are prepared by our trusted restaurant partners who follow strict safety guidelines.

Train Food Service at Chhapra Station

Gofoodieonline is here to make your train journey even more enjoyable by offering the best food options delivered right to your seat. With our easy-to-use service, non-veg food delivery in train you can now order food in train on WhatsApp and experience a hassle-free dining experience during your travel.


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  5. We understand the importance of hygiene and taste, which is why we partner with trusted restaurants and follow strict quality control measures to ensure that you receive nothing but the best.
  6. We value your time and ensure that your food is delivered at the right time, so you can enjoy your meal without any delays.