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Live Train Status

You can now check the Train Running Status or IRCTC train running status of all Indian Railways trains with Gofoodieonline railbeeps This is one of the fastest ways to get latest information and spot your train in real time. You can find extensive details – Indian railway train running status like current train running status, train running information, the current location of your train, its late status, the platform number it arrives on and expected time of arrival and departure. So if you have the question, “Where is my train”, then Gofoodieonline railbeeps will help you spot your train, with just a click or tap. With the use of accurate GPS tracker and navigation system, this Indian Railway’s vital information is made available to the passengers for a hassle-free travelling experience.

To know the current IRCTC train status, follow the steps below on Gofoodieonline rail beeps:

1. Go to the website

2. Click on ‘Live Train Running Status’.

3. In column 1, add the train number

4. In column 2, select the date of travel.

5. Once you have filled the columns, click on 'Search' option to get the train running status.

6. The list will show you the current train location.

7. It will also show the ETA or Estimated Time of Arrival and ETD or Estimated Time of Departure.

8. It will also tell whether the train is on time or is delayed.

9. You can also track the exact time and distance that it is away from the current station.

10. The list will also guide you on which platform number the train will arrive.

11. Another important feature is that one can trace the exact position of the train by locating it on the map. By clicking on the indicated points on the map, one can see the name of the station, the arrival and departure time, the travel day number on which the train is running and distance from the source station.

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